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World’s first and largest crypto ETP issuer, 21Shares offers crypto investments products for institutional and retail investors with easy access through your broker. Simple and safe.

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Presenting the largest selection of exchange-traded crypto products (ETPs) that range from single assets to basket indices.

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Single Asset

29 Products
29 Product

Single asset ETPs track the performance of individual cryptoassets, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, through a 100% physically backed and compliant ETP structure.

Diversified Index

7 Products
7 Product

Diversified index ETPs provide passive and low-cost exposure to a basket of underlying cryptoassets that are balanced periodically.

Smart Index

1 Products
1 Product

Smart index ETPs provide volatility-managed exposure to cryptoassets by dynamically allocating to less volatile assets, such as gold or US dollars.


5 Products
5 Product

Staking products provide exposure to the underlying assets and seek to generate a passive revenue stream that may provide additional returns through staking.


2 Products
2 Product

Inverse strategy ETPs provide a -1x return to the performance of an underlying cryptoasset like Bitcoin or Ethereum on a daily basis.

There may be certain jurisdictions in which our ETPs are not available to investors. Please consult your local advisor to determine whether you are permitted to invest.


Our Values

Get exposure to crypto through a streamlined investment process. We make it simple to add crypto assets to your portfolio.
Grow your crypto knowledge. Our expert research team delivers data-driven insights into the crypto asset market.
Trust that your assets are protected. Our best-in-class security solutions leverage cold storage, audit trails, whitelisting and multiple private keys.
Diversify your crypto portfolio. Use our basket products to invest across multiple asset types.
Invest with confidence. Our crypto exchange traded products are fully backed by 1:1 collateral reserves.

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ETF Express, European ETF Awards

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ETF Express, European ETF Awards

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Best ETP of the Year (for STAKE) 2023

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